Some people ask about how the cart works. So here is how the process should work.


Push the add to cart button.

You can add more articles by pressing Home and do another search.

If you choose to check out you will come to this page. You can see your cart. You can still edit your cart by deleting items. You should scroll to the top of the page to 'login' (returning customers) or register (new customers). If you don't want to register, you may contact me by e-mail. I am not always in though.

Here you can login (returning customers) or register (first time customers).

Don't forget to agree on the privacy matters and then push register. The rest probably speaks for itself. If you have a problem with the privacy protection, you can contact me by mail to order.


After you pushed register, you should go to your email for confirmation on registering. Then you come back to the shop and the costs of shipping are determined or to be chosen if multiple options are available. Choose the payment option and all should be fine. In case of Paypal you should be redirected to the Safe login. In case of Banktransfer you will see the payment information.


If anything does not work for you, just use the contact button and ask your question or do your order by mail (send info on item wanted, shipping address, Paypal address). I will contact you as soon as i can.